Scientific Anglers Vest Pack Assortment


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The 3M Scientific Anglers Vest Pack Assortment comes with many basic fly fishing tools in one convenient pack. The retractor stretches to 15″ and has a pin-back attachment. The nipper is a multi-purpose handle tool that quickly clears hook eyes and has a hardened edge that stays sharp for reliable cutting. The forceps locks securely with its serrated jaws in three positions, and the leader straightner eliminates coils in leaders.

  • Retractor: stretches to 15″ (38cm), pin-back attachment
  • Nipper, multi-purpose tool that handles many tasks: hardened steel construction for lasting value, eyeopener feature quickly clears hook eyes, hardened edge stays sharper for reliable cutting
  • Forceps: lock securely in three positions, serrated jaws grasp securely and hold on
  • Leader straightener: straightens leaders to eliminate coils, works great on wet and dry leaders
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