SA Sports Stinger Slingshot


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The SA Sports Stinger is exactly the tool that everyone from serious target shooters to backyard plinkers need! Shooting at tin cans and paper targets in the backyard for hours on end was never so easy. Even long range targets are a breeze to smash through with this slingshot. The Stinger offers more fun by delivering such stellar results without any complications. The wrist brace fit is customizable and makes the fit so comfortable that setting down the slingshot will likely feel like losing a part of yourself. Adjust the draw length of the surgical grade tubing quickly and easily to further increase the comfort and customize the performance. Fire accurate shots consistently and gain confidence in the slingshot with every bullseye. Achieve Professional level results easily with 5/8 inch brass coated steel ammo; 10 BBs are included with your purchase. The SA Sports Stinger Slingshot seems like overkill because it over delivers on expectations of fun and performance.

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