SA Sports 0.375 Inch Slingshot Ammo Steel Balls-50 Count


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The SA Sports 0.375 inch Slingshot Ammo provides a significant upgrade in ammunition quality. Use the ammo in any slingshot; the medium size makes it ideally suited for a wide range of activities. Shoot smaller groups when practicing on a target, or knock over pesky tin cans from farther away and with fewer shots. The carbon steel balls are painstakingly machined to ensure a perfect roundness that allows every shot to fly straight with consistent performance. Enjoy hour after hour of backyard fun with ammo that is practically indestructible; brass coating enhances durability and makes the ammo easier to spot on the ground, so it can be shot again with no sacrifices in performance. Those who enjoy small game hunting will benefit from the hard-hitting and accurate ammo that makes success more likely on every trip into the woods. The top-grade ammo from SA Sports makes mastering a slingshot, bagging more game, or just having fun outside more epic.

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