Firefield Impulse 1×22 Compact Red Dot Sight with Red Laser


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Perfect for target shooting and hunting, the Firefield Impulse 1×22 Red Dot Sight with Red Laser helps shooters achieve ultra-quick target acquisition on rifles or shotguns. This optic features a 632-650nm red laser, increasing target acquisition speed and helping with precise shot placement. A unique skeletonized aim point T1 mount allows the sight to be with most magnifiers or backup sights. Red or green reticle illumination lets shooters choose their preferred circle dot reticle color for different situations. Featuring a durable aluminum construction and matte black finish, the Impulse 1×22 offers shockproof, fog proof and IPX5 weatherproof protection. Weighing just 8.6 oz., this optic is perfect for your next lightweight build. One AAA battery achieves 14.2 hour battery life when the laser and red dot are turned on at the same time. The Impulse can handle recoil up to.308 caliber and comes with lens caps and battery.

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