Dura-Winder Combo – 4 Pack


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The Dura-Winder is a next generation cord, rope, and cable organization tool. With its contoured design, the Dura-Winder makes it easier to untangle and manage materials in a variety of sizes. Each storage device utilizes 4 clamp lock positions on each end: Imperial 3/8 inch, 5/16 inch, 1/4 inch, and 3/16 inch cords, and Metric size 10, 8, 7, and 5. Two impact-resistant 360 degree quick release pivoting arms instantly release wound material; half inch mounting holes in the arms allow the Dura-Winder to hang vertically or horizontally on pegs, hooks, or nails. The ergonomic center grip design provides handling and balance. This combo 4 pack includes 2 medium and 2 large Dura-Winders to make your everyday tasks with cords and rope easier.

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